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Foundation Platform: is deployed with 40+ pay-TV operators on over 100+ million devices monetizing premium in-home experiences on a full spectrum of managed devices and service tiers.  With operational continuity, customers can manage incremental platform spend to align with service revenues and realize stability to maintain high service levels.  Learn how the Foundation Platform creates new in-home experiences so pay-TV operators can succeed today, and be poised for a transition to the cloud when necessary.

Infinite Platform: is a fully integrated cloud service for pay-TV operators to process, secure, distribute, and monetize premium video experiences on all devices. It enables operators to take advantage of the cloud economy and re-capture subscriber share of wallet by offering products leveraging new business models and OTT partnerships.  Learn how the Infinite Platform can help you attract new customers, reconnect cord cutters, and increase the Life-Time Value of your subscriber base.

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Low-latency ABR and Smart Rate Control

Matching traditional broadcast quality, reliability, and cost has been a major challenge of IP video streaming.

Experience how Synamedia’s Low-Latency ABR solution enables Pay TV operators to deliver linear video with end-to-end latencies equal to traditional non-ABR delivery broadcast schemes like IPTV, cable, satellite or terrestrial.

Learn how Pay TV operators can deliver a broadcast quality ABR experience while at the same time achieve significant savings on CDN and storage costs using our patented Smart Rate Control technology.


Scalable Video Processing Workflows

See how Synamedia embraces cloud-native tools enabling Pay TV operators to launch new channels in minutes versus weeks.

Witness how our DevOps and video engineers build containerized video workflows leveraging Ansible playbooks, Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.

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Credential Sharing Insight

VideoGuard provides a behavioral analytics tool to disrupt credentials sharing at scale. Learn how Synamedia’s solution, which combines machine learning algorithms with PayTV security expertise, can enable operators to turn casual sharing into incremental revenue, or detect and apply enforcement procedures on for-profit credentials sharing accounts run by fraudsters.

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