Video security in 2020: More content, more problems

Sharon Farber

By Sharon Farber

Security Marketing Manager

Video security in 2020: More content, more problems

Video piracy has always evolved quickly—in tools, methods and tactics.

But the biggest video security threat today isn’t just that individual actors are more sophisticated than they’ve ever been. It’s that global video cybercrime has fully industrialized.

To address this threat, we’re going to be launching a new approach to intelligence-driven anti-piracy at IBC 2020. One that’s specifically built to combat the continuous and increasingly organized video security threats hurting video service providers, content owners and audiences today.


Our video security panel at IBC 2020

The problem with traditional preventative video security offerings today is that they prioritize short-term triage over long-term effectiveness.

Video providers aim to disrupt pirated content as soon as it’s located. But this ad-hoc defence only addresses the symptoms of risk—not the root causes. 

The truth is that video providers and content owners are continuously threatened by sophisticated and organized criminal enterprises. And it takes a much more strategic approach and long-term view to effectively combat this new generation of resilient threat actors.

That’s what our IBC 2020 session delves into.

Outsmarting the pirates – An intelligence-led approach is our IBC 2020 panel on the future of intelligence-driven anti-piracy, to hear from experts like:

  • Yael Fainaro, Senior Vice President Security, Synamedia
  • Eva Norroy, Broadcaster Servicing Manager, FIFA
  • Minal Modha, Consumer Research Lead, Ampere Analysis

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Intelligence-driven anti-piracy

The core thesis driving intelligence-driven anti-piracy is that the industrialization of video piracy means cybercriminals aren’t just a threat anymore. They’re competitors

According to recent global surveys:

  • More than half of sports fans regularly consume sports content from pirate services
  • Almost a third of those using illegal sites have paid for them

Video players need to do more than disrupt pirated content—they need to disrupt the organizations profiting from them.

This demands a new multi-faceted approach to shutting down video piracy networks. 

We will discuss the importance of painting a wider picture of the threat that pirate networks pose by combining multiple data sources including technology, human and cyber-intelligence.  

This way, you can disrupt entire pirate eco-systems, terminating access to stolen content at the right moment. At the same time, you can encourage viewers to subscribe to your legitimate service, increase your revenue and speed up your return on investment.

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Synamedia at IBC 2020

Our virtual stand features a range of additional discussion panels, webinars and product demos across our latest Video Network, Video Security, Addressable Advertising and Business Insights solutions. 

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About the Author

Sharon Farber is the Security Marketing Manager at Synamedia, and as such believes that good technology needs to be accompanied by simple words. A veteran in Cyber Security, Sharon has worked for several big software vendors including Computer Associates as well as small nimble start-ups. She has held a variety of positions, some more technical than others. Sharon holds a B.S degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Operations Research. In her spare time, Sharon enjoys swimming in the Mediterranean.

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