What are we up to at the IBC show 2020?…

Christelle Gental

By Christelle Gental

Vice President of Marketing

What are we up to at the IBC show 2020? Check out our Virtual Showcase

If you want to know what’s on at IBC 2020, you’re in the right place.

While it’s sad that the world’s best video providers and content owners can’t meet, talk and geek out in-person, there’s still an incredible line-up of speakers, tech demos and content to sink your virtual teeth into. 

Synamedia On Demand is the one-stop shop for everything hot in video, security and advertising for IBC 2020. 

We’re showcasing our latest solutions, hosting world-class speakers and talking to some of the smartest people in video about what it takes to deliver, protect and monetize incredible viewing experiences today.

We have a whole program of on-demand events that you can view at any time; check this sample:

We’ll also have a series of fireside chats with tech leaders, starting with one of the world’s largest cloud providers. They’ll be joining us to discuss how the cloud is transforming TV and video infrastructure.

As for our demos, we’ll be offering a sneak peek of our latest innovations:


The next generation of intelligence-driven counter-piracy

Take your video security to the next level with a whole new intelligence-driven approach. This isn’t just anti-piracy—this is counter-piracy:

  • Leverage intelligence to monitor, analyze, identify and disrupt all forms of video piracy
  • Prevent fraudulent credentials sharing from impacting your bottom line
  • Safeguard your OTT content and services on all connected devices

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Addressable advertising across every platform

Discover a universe of new advertising possibilities by bringing world-class addressable advertising everywhere. 

  • Meet Iris, our new unified platform that helps you grow ad revenue across your entire delivery ecosystem—for broadcast, IP, OTT and hybrid
  • Utilise the reach of broadcast and the flexibility of digital advertising
  • Increase the value of your inventory by drawing new advertisers to TV with household-level addressability supported by rich data and insight

Check out the trailer


The next giant leap in Video Network

Deliver immersive, high-quality content to any screen with scalable, low-latency, future-proof video infrastructure. Optimize every single part of your video network for agility, flexibility and efficiency while also delighting customers with content that looks and sounds great everywhere.

  • Achieve low latency and infinite scalability with our VN Cloud
  • Reduce costs using unified, streamlined cloud workflows over different networks – Cable, IPTV, Satellite and OTT
  • Experience the cutting-edge of video quality with any resolution up to 8K through Synamedia’s VIVID Compression

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See you there.


About the Author

Christelle Gental is Synamedia’s Vice President of Marketing. She has global responsibility for all aspects of Synamedia’s marketing including product marketing and marketing communications. Her experience in the video software space includes 20 years in marketing at NDS followed by Cisco.

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