Revolutionizing cDVR – slash cDVR operational costs

Fernando Amendola

By Fernando Amendola

Senior Director Marketing & Strategy, Video Network

Revolutionizing cDVR – slash cDVR operational costs

The surging demand for on-demand video content has propelled the popularity of cloud-based digital video recording (cDVR) solutions among both consumers expecting to record their favorite content and service providers offering as a value-add and monetizable service. However, scaling these cDVR services to meet increasing demand while managing costs can be a daunting task. Synamedia, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), has risen to this challenge by delivering an efficient, cost-effective cDVR solution that addresses the economic, technical, and operational complexities associated with cloud DVR deployments.

Cost reduction driving cDVR growth:

Traditional cDVR solutions entail significant upfront hardware costs, limiting scalability and flexibility. Synamedia’s cDVR solution leverages cloud infrastructure and services, allowing operators to dynamically scale their services to meet demand. By optimizing costs through innovative storage tiering and intelligent data transfer, Synamedia has helped operators reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 95%, without latency trade-off.

Simplicity is the smartest strategy:

Synamedia’s cDVR solution prioritizes technical simplicity, facilitating easy deployment and management. By utilizing AWS storage services and Synamedia’s video technology expertise, operators can seamlessly scale their cDVR services while minimizing operational complexities. The solution’s intelligent data transfer algorithms optimize performance while reducing network bandwidth and API costs. Despite its advanced features, Synamedia’s cDVR solution is user-friendly and requires minimal technical expertise to operate effectively.

Innovation for cost and resource savings:

Synamedia’s innovative approach to cDVR optimization includes groundbreaking cost-saving measures. By leveraging multiple Amazon S3 storage classes and intelligent storage tiering, Synamedia reduces storage costs while ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, the solution’s intelligent data transfer algorithms minimize network bandwidth and API costs, further enhancing cost efficiency. Needless to say, the cloud deployment reduces footprint and all costs associated with having an extra physical datacenter.

Proven success at Telia:

Telia Norway‘s adoption of Synamedia’s cDVR technology demonstrates its field-proven success and transformative impact. By deploying Synamedia’s cDVR solution, Telia Norway slashed its cloud operational costs by up to 95%, making cloud DVR services more accessible and affordable for the operator and, therefore, passing savings to users. This proven success underscores the reliability and effectiveness of Synamedia’s cDVR solution.

In summary, Synamedia’s cloud-based digital video recording solution represents a transformative advancement in the realm of cDVR services, offering unmatched economic benefits, technical simplicity, and innovative cost-saving features. Through collaboration with AWS and harnessing Synamedia’s expertise, operators can realize significant cost savings and operational efficiencies while delivering exceptional value to consumers. As Telia Norway’s success demonstrates, Synamedia’s cDVR technology has proven its reliability and effectiveness, paving the way for widespread adoption and continued innovation in the industry.

About the Author

Fernando Amendola is Synamedia’s Senior Director, Marketing & Strategy, Video Network. He is responsible for managing the Video Network team’s market strategy, business position, brand awareness, message narratives, and product campaigns.

With 20+ years of experience developing business growth strategies, Fernando has a deep understanding of how to grow customer segments and to help drive recurring revenue for innovative IT and media technology companies.

Prior to joining Synamedia, Fernando served as Chief Marketing Officer at ODiN Services, and several leadership positions at Ericsson, Cisco, Harmonic, and Siemens where he was responsible for leading go-to-market strategic planning, marketing strategies, and more. Through his global marketing experience, he has built and led cross-functional teams across North America, Europe, and LATAM.

Fernando has an MSEE Universidad Nacional de Cordoba and an MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California.

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