Compression Coffee Break: The Power of Partnership

By Sabine Bravo

Vice President, Business Development at Synamedia 

Compression Coffee Break: The Power of Partnership

Have you heard the saying – ‘You’re only as strong as your team’?  Here at Synamedia, we take that to heart and even take it a step further, applying that mentality to our valued partners too.

We’ve recently announced key partnerships with two of the strongest, most respected players in our industry: Google Cloud and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  These were very strategic and thoroughly thought through decisions that centered on one important goal: Offering our customers the flexibility they need to deliver video services to their subscribers.


A Bespoke Video Service

It’s no secret that traditional broadcasters and content owners are transitioning to more of an IP-centric infrastructure. That transition will be gradual, and because of that, there will be many ways in which we’ll see it rolled out. Some may choose a hybrid environment, combining hardware and software. Others may fully transition to the cloud. And there are those that may remain on-premise. Our job, as their technology right hand, is to ensure that we’re partnering with the best companies to help them achieve their goal as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible.

Equally important to having the right technology is knowing that such technology-based decisions can impact future business models as well. The as-a-service approach opens new doors to different potential revenue-generating opportunities, such as lab-in-the-cloud and exploration of new markets for content consumption.

With our video network portfolio, we are giving customers a choice.  Our approach is intentionally modular. Across all of our as-a-service offerings, we are cloud-agnostic. While we have chosen the Google Cloud for our video network ‘as a service’ offering, we can also support and manage our customers’ services in other cloud environments, should they so prefer.

Choice. That’s what we’re after.  And in today’s world of infinite entertainment, who would expect anything less?

This is the first in our series of Compression Coffee Break blog posts – aimed to provide you with small “snacks” of information about the benefits of the most advanced compression and other video distribution, delivery and processing technologies, along with the industry challenges they will help overcome. Keep an eye out on our blog for more – we promise delays will be minimal, just like watching live events powered by our low-latency technology.

About the Author

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Sabine Bravo possesses thorough understanding of video processing technology, software licensing and SaaS business models. At Synamedia she manages key partners, worldwide distribution and technical marketing.

Previoulsy, Sabine held executive positions with MediaKind, Ericsson, Envivio and Dolby. She graduated Summa cum Laude with a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology and Computer Engineering Technology. Sabine also holds an Executive Master of Business Administration Summa cum Laude, along with a Certificate of Executive Design Thinking.

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