It’s Time to Upgrade: Unleash the Power of vDCM, the…

Tim DeVreese

By Tim DeVreese

Director of Product Management,
Video Network, Synamedia

It’s Time to Upgrade: Unleash the Power of vDCM, the Future-Proof Digital Content Manager!

For many of you, the DCM has been a reliable workhorse for all your video processing and distribution tasks. It’s served you well for over 20 years, providing a stable platform for your content needs. With technology advancements offering exciting new possibilities, the time is right to embrace the future with vDCM, the next-generation Digital Content Manager!

vDCM isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformative leap forward.

Here are 10 reasons why you should migrate to vDCM today:

  1. Say Goodbye to End-of-Life Worries: The DCM is nearing its end-of-life (EOL) and will soon no longer receive support. Migrating to vDCM ensures you have a future-proof solution that benefits from continuous updates and ongoing technical support.
  2. Boost Efficiency: vDCM boasts significantly lower power consumption compared to the DCM (88% less power consumption per HD channel). This translates to substantial energy cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint for your business.
  3. Seamless Transition and Feature Richness: vDCM is built to seamlessly handle all the functionalities you rely on with the DCM, and it adds a variety of improvements and new features. You won’t experience any disruption in your workflow while gaining access to enhanced capabilities.
  4. Superior Compression for Exceptional Quality: vDCM delivers superior video compression, reducing storage requirements by up to 40% while maintaining the best possible picture quality. This translates to significant cost savings on storage and bandwidth, without sacrificing video quality.
    Embrace Flexibility with Diverse Encoding Options: vDCM offers a wider range of encoding options, including state-of-the-art codecs like HEVC, VVC, and AV1. This ensures compatibility with the latest video formats and playback technologies, giving you more flexibility for future content needs.
    Unleash the Power of Now: Ultra-Low Latency: vDCM boasts industry-leading ultra-low latency, ensuring real-time performance for even the most demanding applications. This translates to faster processing, smoother operations, and a more responsive user experience.
    Unwavering Quality: Superior Quality Monitoring Across All Layers: vDCM provides comprehensive real-time quality monitoring with its AI-powered predictive VMAF (pVMAF) metric. You can proactively identify and address potential issues, ensuring consistently delivering high-quality content.
    Maximize Efficiency: Exceptional High Density: vDCM allows you to do more with less. Its high-density capabilities enable you to process a significantly higher volume of content using less hardware, reducing costs and optimizing your infrastructure.
  5. Unparalleled Monitoring and Management: vDCM provides enhanced technical monitoring with historical insights on all levels, from input to output. This allows for proactive maintenance and troubleshooting, preventing issues and optimizing your content delivery workflow.
  6. Cloud Integration for Streamlined Workflows: vDCM integrates seamlessly with cloud-based ingest protocols (SRT/RIST/Zixi/HLS/DASH) alongside traditional on-premise methods (IP/ASI/QPSK). This flexibility empowers you to choose the workflow that best suits your needs.
  7. Save Money by Avoiding Hidden Costs: vDCM eliminates the need for expensive spare parts and ongoing maintenance associated with physical appliances. You’ll also benefit from reduced training costs for personnel, as vDCM boasts a user-friendly interface.
  8. Enhanced Security and Reliability: vDCM leverages the cloud’s and virtualization’s power to provide robust security features and reliable performance. Your content will be safe and secure, while you enjoy a more dependable and scalable system.
  9. Multilayered Redundancy for Unmatched Peace of Mind: vDCM offers multilayered redundancy, including geo-redundancy, on-prem/cloud redundancy, device redundancy, content redundancy (from different ingest methods or switching rules), and slate generation. This comprehensive approach ensures your content delivery remains uninterrupted even in case of unexpected disruptions.
  10. Easily Unlock the Potential of New Features: vDCM lays the foundation for future innovation. It has the capability to integrate with functionalities such as ad insertion, video streaming, decoding, A/V watermarking, BISS-CA scrambling/descrambling, and subtitles with OCR capabilities. Moreover, vDCM offers a robust software architecture designed to run on generic compute platforms, ensuring flexibility and scalability for future feature integration. This modernized approach allows for the seamless addition of new functionalities. We pave the way for effortless upgrades and enhancements, making our system adaptable to evolving technologies and content processing demands.

By migrating to vDCM, you’re not just upgrading your Digital Content Manager; you’re investing in the future of your content delivery. We go beyond just a product by providing flexible business models to fit your specific needs. Choose from capex, subscription-based, or managed service options to get the most out of vDCM.

Ready to experience the power and efficiency of vDCM?  Contact us today to discuss your migration plan and explore the many benefits vDCM can offer your business!


About the Author

Tim has responsibility for Synamedia’s video compression and broadcast video processing with its virtual Digital Content Manager (vDCM) solution. He also leads the In-Stadium Experience product which gives fans an immersive sport experience in the stadium, on 5G and in the home.

Tim has an extensive background in engineering and product management. Prior to joining Synamedia in 2008, Tim was business development manager at IoT software company Waylay NV following 12 years at Cisco as business development manager for video solutions. He also held engineering and product management roles at Scientific Atlanta (acquired by Cisco), Barco, and Siemens, among others.

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