In It to Win It: Strengthening our Support for the…

Amit Sood

By Amit Sood

Senior Director of Global Services Sales and Portfolio

In It to Win It: Strengthening our Support for the Customer Journey

At Synamedia we are committed to providing frictionless customer experiences. While every organization is unique, most businesses rely on partners for high-quality support and services. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. This is why our latest video network service transformation is pivotal for both Synamedia and those we serve.

In our industry, the technology evolution has accelerated and there are no signs of that slowing down. That is exciting news for everyone – content owners, service providers, viewers, et al – but it can present a challenge if operations and infrastructure cannot truly keep pace. This is an enormous undertaking for a content or service provider to tackle alone, which is why they’re tapping outside partners with demonstrated expertise.

Tapping them for what, you might ask? Good question.

The answer is: a lot! Customer needs ranging from lowering operational costs to improving efficiency and maximizing productivity come to mind most immediately.

These are needs that can be addressed with a partner who understands the responsibility to be “in it” with their customers along this journey. Everyone can offer services and support – they are must-haves in business – but are they truly partners?

Do your partners demonstrate commitment to help you grow your business as if it was their own? Do they make a conscious effort to really learn about your specific technology journey so they can innovate further and help you build your successful future? Have they shown you that they’re proactive in their service, or do they stay focused on the reactive? The answer to all of these questions should be a resounding “yes”.

One way to fully comprehend an accurate answer to those questions is to assess your technology partner’s approach to service and support.

According to TSIA’s Customer Success Benchmark, 70% of companies have customer success managers engage before or immediately after a contract closes. Of course they do – they want to be with you from the start. But at Synamedia, we have introduced a new, tiered approach to our video network customer support which offers the flexibility to align with customer needs so we’re able to swiftly offer you what you need, when you need it. These tiered service packages ensure we address and resolve challenges as quickly and effectively as possible and at all points of our customer’s journey.

But what does this actually mean for our video network customers?

  • Assurance that their Synamedia support plan spans across service, security, OS and applications. Our capabilities provide the flexibility to continue to meet dynamic customer needs.
  • A tiered service level plan with access to a range of services such as a global helpdesk, customer success management and dedicated onsite engineers.
  • Access to services that extend beyond remote assistance, providing more relationship-driven engagements that help ensure that Synamedia is continually putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. This includes how we fulfill our obligation to assist with immediate problems and how we strategize to move forward together after issues are resolved. By collaborating with our customers and proactively addressing their needs, we can help tackle key industry challenges and more efficiently drive future innovations.

With our new approach, we can manage long term customer relationships and prevent problems proactively. For those problems we cannot prevent, we aim to address them in under 15 minutes (tier-based). We are committed to being an “always available” resource that our customers can look to, not only to address their concerns, but to also provide valuable insight that help to ensure that they are using our technology in the most efficient manner for their businesses while delivering the highest possible value to their subscribers.

While it will always be an option, our services go beyond calling a helpdesk when you need assistance or support. We know there are problems that can be more effectively resolved through in-person engagement, which is why on-site engineers are an option as well.

These services are just a few of the many ways we are continuing to support our video network customers, so that they can count on us to work behind the scenes, while they focus on the day to day of running their businesses.

About the Author

Amit Sood is Synamedia’s Senior Director of Global Services Sales and Portfolio. He joined Synamedia in April, and has been an industry leader in global sales, partner management and services in the TV, broadcast and M&E industry for over 18 years. Before Synamedia, Amit worked at GrassValley where he managed the US West Region for them and was responsible for all North America Key Accounts.

Amit has also worked at Ericsson’s media business unit in leadership roles in Global Services and Regional Sales spanning 10 years based out of Singapore and Atlanta. He is presently based in Seattle.

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