5 Myths About Streaming
Video Piracy

Your premium content is your biggest asset. But there are many misconceptions today about how safe it actually is. With nearly 30,000 illegal streamers globally, the value of pirate video services accessed by consumers will exceed $67 billion worldwide in 2023.

The Myths

Rapid advancements in technology and modern content consumption methods have made pirates your biggest competitors. But widespread myths within the industry are creating a false sense of content security – and keeping the power in the hands of pirates.

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Myth #1

Illicit IPTV Subscription Service: Not a force to be reckoned with

In terms of illegal redistribution, both the video industry and the public typically direct their attention towards the open web and social media. But what about the third channel? Are illicit pirate networks really nothing to worry about?


All pirate paths lead to illicit IPTV subscription services

Illegal IPTV subscription-based services are the heart and soul of the piracy landscape. Hidden from the internet, these services are super aggregators within the industry, and in the EU alone generate €1 billion in revenue.

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Myth #2

Pirates are freedom fighters

It’s widely believed by video users that content pirates are righting a moral wrong – stealing content from the rich and giving it away for free to the poor. But looking at how pirates stand to profit in the process, this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.


It’s all about business

Pirates aren’t in it for the nobility. They’re driven by financial gain. By luring people into illicit IPTV subscriptions with relatively small monthly fees, they take home the profits from content viewership. However, for them – this content is free.

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Myth #3

DRM is vulnerable and there’s nothing I can do about it

While DRM has long been the go-to solution for protecting copyrighted works, its vulnerabilities today due to advancements in technology are widely considered unavoidable. But what if there is a way to protect your content more robustly?


The right solution will protect your content

DRM is indeed vulnerable, largely due to the rise of unmanaged devices, automated vulnerability exploits, and OTT service theft. But there is something that can be done: choosing a solution that has domain know-how, and offers countermeasures to keep OTT services secure.

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Myth #4

Credentials sharing does not pose a threat to a streaming provider’s business

Many think password sharing is not harmful to their business. But the scale at which credentials are shared today – and how this is used to drive profits for pirates – is growing.


Direct implications for your business

The reality is – password sharing has direct implications for your business. It leads to large numbers of non-paying subscribers, which cuts into revenue. Unlimited sharing can also damage brand reputation and might mean compliance standards are not met.

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Myth #5

Piracy can be tackled with technology alone

Video piracy is a form of cybercrime. But is criminal activity only preventable using technology – or does the real solution involve more?


Technology is just one part of the solution

While fighting back against piracy does start with technology, a multi-layered solution is needed to stay ahead in the piracy game. Alongside technology, action-based, proactive intelligence and enforcement for more legislation – at all levels – are required.

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