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Professional OTT Streaming Platform

Our advanced OTT streaming platform delivers high-quality content with broadcast-like latency to any device, enhancing the user experience and enabling further monetisation.

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What are the benefits of our OTT platform?

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Comprehensive solution

Support all popular ABR packaging formats and major DRM vendors.

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Improved user experience

Enhance user experience with low latency streaming capabilities, including our innovative and award-winning fast-channel feature.

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Create greater value

Create monetisation opportunities through personalized ad-insertion and non-linear experiences, such as Time-Shift TV and Cloud DVR.

Virtual DCM Encoder

A software-based encoding/transcoding solution, based on Synamedia’s in-house patented compression engines, providing exceptional picture quality at all bitrates and enabling broadcasters and service providers to deliver an outstanding viewing experience at minimum bandwidth.

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Virtual DCM Packager and Origin Server

Software-based solutions that package, secure and distribute media content via adaptive bitrate streaming over IP networks. Suitable for any infrastructure, the easily scalable solutions run on-premises as a software-defined appliance, or on a public or private cloud to drive business agility.

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Timing is everything. And nothing’s more critical than ensuring the smooth optimal performance of your video delivery operations. Our dedicated OTT streaming service support teams are with you right from the start, ready to walk with you every step of the way, resolving your requests with the utmost urgency. When it comes to support, our goal is to ensure nothing holds you back.

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