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GUI C++ Developer [QML/QT]

Bangalore, India | Professional | Full-time

Home GUI C++ Developer [QML/QT]

Mar 4, 2020

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Job Description:

Develop Graphical User interface using C++ Technology stack. QT and QML Frameworks


  • Developers having minimum 2-12 years , GUI programming in C++ using QT framework preferably on Linux OS
  • Very good experience in C++, OOM/OOD, STL
  • Good experience in QT/QML and UI Coding.
  • Performance, Reliability & Stability without compromising native performance.
  • QML Profiler, UI Creation with QML, Custom C++ Components, QML rendering and rendering optimisations, C++ Integration, Graphics Effects, States and Transitions, Animations, Shaders,
  • Must have experience in C++ Qt based GUI design, development and good understanding of UI component hierarchies.
  • Must have expertise in STL, multi-threading, data structures and algorithms. • Must have extensive hands-on programming experience.
  • Must have knowledge of software debugging and profiling tools.
  • Must have experience in inter-process communication like shared memory, UDP, TCP, sockets.
  • Must have good exposure to Visual studio, makefiles, eclipse, Qt Creator.
  • Must have good mathematical, analytical and communication skills.
  • Must be proactive and good in communication.
  • Qualification required: B.E/B.Tech/MCA.

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