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Oct 13, 2020 - Oct 13, 2020

Webinar: HESP Alliance & real-life HESP use case

High Efficiency Streaming Protocol: A discussion on HESP Alliance and the real-life use case with THEO Technologies and Synamedia

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Nov 3, 2020 - Nov 5, 2020

MENA OTT and Anti-Piracy Virtual Week

Virtual Event

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Sep 12, 2020

The Premier League is back and it’s an illegal live stream disaster

Empty stadiums and strict social distancing rules in pubs will likely create a piracy boom

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Sep 10, 2020 - Sep 10, 2020

Panel: Data Kleptomania is Not the Answer

Moving from data to actionable insights to harness the true value of data

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Sep 9, 2020

How the History of Hybrid Influences Future OTT and Pay TV Models

Hybrid thinking has delivered brilliant broadcast solutions. That’s why it’s time to stop saying pay TV vs OTT and start bringing them together.

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Sep 8, 2020

What are we up to at the IBC show 2020? Check out our Virtual Showcase

Discover the latest and greatest thinking and tech in video at Synamedia’s virtual showcase for this year’s IBC show.

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Sep 8, 2020 - Sep 8, 2020

Panel: When it comes to security it’s all about intelligence

Synamedia's SVP Security, Yael Fainaro and guest from FIFA join the IBC Showcase

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Sep 3, 2020

Synamedia launches “intelligence-first” security model

Synamedia has launched what the video software provider is describing as an “intelligence-first security model” aimed at eradicating the streaming pirates and protecting the revenues of the legitimate rights holders.

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Sep 3, 2020

Intelligence-first anti-piracy model from Synamedia

Video software provider Synamedia has launched a new intelligence-first security model suggesting it is “laser-focused” on eradicating streaming pirates’ businesses and protecting legitimate providers’ revenues. Suggesting it is an industry first, this data-led model also makes it possible to measure the efficacy and ROI of anti-piracy initiatives.

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Sep 3, 2020

Synamedia brings entire video network portfolio to the cloud

With the launch of the VN Cloud managed service, independent broadcast solution provider Synamedia is claiming to be able to provide a managed service for its entire video network portfolio.

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Deliver an Advanced Streaming Experience at Scale

Synamedia Go provides video streaming services with a flexible and modular way to launch, manage, and evolve their streaming service.