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Nov 12, 2019

If you missed Carmel 6000 last night on i24news, you can watch it right here

Watch i24news interview with Carmel 6000, an innovation hub that focuses on empowering young post-high school women to create social impact through hi-tech. Carmel 6000 is part of the Hilma ‘Hi-tech for impact’ group founded by our very own Yossi Tsuria.

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Nov 12, 2019

Czech Television goes live with Synamedia virtualized DCM as it completes its transition to DVB-T2

Czech public broadcaster Czech Television (Ceska Televize) has gone live with Synamedia’s virtualized Digital Content Manager (DCM) and completed its transition to transmitting all programs in the DVB-T2 format.

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A guide to choosing the right video compression

How do you cost-effectively strike the right balance between quality, bandwidth, latency and density? It all starts with finding the right video compression partner. Our new guide will help you do just that.